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Andisheh Center - Iranian organization in Portland OR

Andisheh Center

(503) 862-8362
(503) 862-8362


Cultural Non Profit

About Andisheh Center

A group of dedicated and caring individuals formed a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the primary goal of fostering Iranian cultural heritage in the Portland metro area and to meet the cultural needs of the thousands of people of Iranian descent living here. As a result, Andisheh Center – aka Kanoon Andisheh or center of thoughts – was founded in December 1997. The activities of Andisheh were conducted, and continue to be performed, by an all-volunteer group of individuals. Although the participants have changed over the many years, the level of quality, the attention to the needs of the community, and the dedication of the volunteers has not decreased. These people operate Andisheh based on the organizations's Charter.

Currently, the activities of the Andisheh are guided by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meet on a frequent basis to decide on the selection and execution of the Andisheh various activities. For our community, the Board members are the first point of contact regarding ideas, needs, and activities, as well as feedback on events, questions regarding Andisheh organization, etc. The Board of Directors makes its decisions after much deliberation, after seeking input and feedback from members of our community, and based on a consensus approach.

Finally, many of our events are staffed by other community volunteers. We appreciate their efforts and ideas without which many of our events could not be successful or held. We welcome new volunteers. Anyone desiring to volunteer at any of the events can notify us by sending us a message.

Only cultural and artistic activities, no politics or religion.


Primary Office Location

pin PO Box 1235 Portland OR 97207

pin (503) 862-8362


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(503) 862-8362